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Be guided through the events which shaped South Africa’s history



The warm waters and coral reefs provide a home for thousands of varieties of tropical fish.



The range of activities you can enjoy in Africa is as many and varied as your imagination allows. Here are some activities to whet your appetite.

Image courtesy Tafika, Zambia


Balloon Safaris


See the wildlife in a completely different way, try a balloon safari. 

Elephant-back Safaris


In the minds of many people, elephants represent something wise and essentially timeless...



There is fishing to suit every sort of fisherman in Africa. 

Game Drives


Game drives are the most popular way to view animals up close. 

Primate Safaris


Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda is regarded by many as the ultimate safari. 

River Safaris


There are different ways to enjoy a river safari in Africa.

Private Guides


If you choose one of our safaris you can be confident we will make sure you have the best guides.

Riding Safaris


It is an extraordinary experience to traverse the wide African plains on a horse...

Self-drive Holidays


Some people prefer to explore by road, driving themselves at their own pace...

Walking Safaris


Walking safaris are the most exciting and rewarding way of exploring the African Bush...



Between July and November, the Southern Right Whales travel to the tip of South Africa...

White-water Rafting


White-water rafting is now hugely popular in Africa and can be done on several rivers...

Wine Tours


The Cape Winelands are famous for producing some of the best wines in the world.

Mountain Biking


Explore the African Bush on a mountain bike...

Mountain Climbing 


Ever fancied the challenge of making it to the summit of Africa