About Us


J & C Voyageurs was started by Julia’s mother, Jennie Humphreys, and her friend, Caroline Newell, nearly twenty five years ago, and Jennie remains the Company Chairman and still in love with Africa! The business took shape after one of the Humphreys' regular safaris in Botswana when the son of an old friend, then a fledgling mobile safari operator in the Okavango Delta and now a renowned guide, asked her if she would market his safaris in the UK. The rest is history. Covering all of East and Southern Africa together with the islands of the Indian Ocean, J & C has been run by Julia (Jennie’s daughter) and her husband Michael Parker for the last 15 years. The core values remain very much as they did twenty five years ago, being an independent tour operator with the focus on what really matters on safari – wild places, wonderful game viewing and exceptional guiding, with some spoiling creature comforts.

In 2017 J & C Voyageurs became part of the Exceptional Travel family, expanding its offering beyond Africa to Asia, Australasia and Latin America.

We continue to travel to find new experiences to enhance the individually tailored holidays we offer as our aim is simple - to ensure that you have a holiday of a lifetime.

The Team

Julia Parker

Julia spent her gap year working in Kenya for David Allen, one of the country’s top safari guides and son of the late great ‘Bunny’ Allen. She was fortunate enough to travel the country and stay with many of the famous post – colonial era characters including Hilary Hook and George Adamson at his camp in Kora. It was here that she fell in love with Africa. After several years in the City and 3 children , she was thrilled to have a job that requires her regularly to explore Africa . Her favourite safari (especially if combined with a beach holiday) would probably be in East Africa as much for the charm of the people, the vast open spaces and the feeling of true wilderness as for the wildlife. Top of her wish list is to get out to Western Tanzania to track chimps in the Mahale Mountains...



Michael Parker

Michael’s first experience of Africa was selling personalised Parker pens in South Africa in his gap year nearly 40 years ago, before travelling up through the continent to Kenya. He came to know and love East Africa during time spent in Kenya on training exercises with the British Army, and having been infected with the Africa bug he has returned regularly ever since. Indeed, Michael and Julia’s honeymoon was spent in the extraordinary environment of Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Makgadikdadi Pans with the legendary Jack Bousfield of Jack’s Camp fame.




Toby Warren

Toby Warren

Having been raised in Kenya and then completing a year's thesis on the effects of tourism on its peoples in 2002, Toby then moved to England where he worked with and subsequently helped manage a highly respected specialist tour operator for over seven years. Whilst there he travelled the breadth of the African continent as well as launching the company's Australian product in 2004 before setting up Exceptional Travel. Toby returns frequently to both Africa and Australasia to seek out new and exciting 'off the beaten track' experiences and more recently his travels have seen him journey to Chile, India and Nepal to further his destination knowledge.

In his spare time Toby is a passionate member of the MCC, a keen fisherman (both fly and sport) and he loves to hike, both at home and abroad.

Responsible Tourism

We are inspired to arrange African holidays due to our passion for Africa, its wildlife and its people. In order that our clients can continue to enjoy the Africa that we love, helping the local people protect and enhance their environment is central to our business. We aim to maximise the benefits that tourism brings to each area, by sending our clients to carefully selected small camps, lodges and hotels whose owners work hard to support local communities and encourage the responsible use of local resources. There is a direct link between the money you spend on your holiday and the many local projects undertaken to protect wildlife and give the local people better access to healthcare and education.

Additionally, we are proud supporters of Tusk Trust www.tusk.org which is a pioneering UK based charity with many projects in this area.